"[Former MPD Chief] Ramsey ordered his officers to keep their red and blue roof lights flashing all the time to be more visible — something he picked up when he, Gainer and Wexler went on a ride-along with the Jerusalem police two years ago."

— Washington Post report on exchanges, 2005


On Racial Profiling

"Well, I think profiling is something that we’re going to have to start thinking about as a country. Other countries do it, you look at Israel and you look at others, they do it and they do it successfully."

— Donald Trump, CBS's Face the Nation, 2016

"Unlike in the United States, where racial and ethnic profiling is forbidden, Israeli airport officials explained how they use profiling to identify suspicious passengers, questioning them extensively and performing searches if necessary."

— Baltimore Sun report on ADL exchange programs with police from Montgomery County and Baltimore, 2007

"The regular use of profiling by Israeli officials is a technique that is not only illegal in the United States but could be detrimental to the complex threats in America"

— Baltimore County Police Captain Roman Zaryk, 2007

"Israel is showing an incredible lack of concern for community relations if they’re trying to emulate broken windows policing and out of control stop-and-frisk practices."

— Donna Lieberman, ED of the NYCLU, responding to Israel Police Chief looking to NYPD as a model, 2013

“Many youth were murdered because they were Black. They experienced police brutality, they were beaten, humiliated and abused, just because they were Black. Not for any other reason.”

— Ethiopian Israeli Activist Tehune Maharat, 2016 

On Mass Surveillance

"The group went to Jerusalem and saw the massive video surveillance system used by local police to keep the peace. […] In Jerusalem, they have a system of 200 cameras, […] In the old part of the city, they can follow you anywhere. […] it was like Star Wars compared to what we do."

— Maine State Police Colonel Robert Williams, 2013