Occupation is no model for DC!

Why is the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) training with Israeli military and police, who recently killed over 130 Palestinians marching for their freedom in Gaza?

We at Occupation Free DC call for an end to these trainings. We advocate for community safety through ending police violence and investing in local resources for DC Metro residents. Please share & sign our petition demanding an end to these trainings.

Our Partners

From the US to Palestine, we know that the path to safety for all is in building joint struggles for justice and showing up to protect and defend one another. That’s the exchange–between people’s movements rather than policing–that we must grow.

Our campaign is a direct response to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions call from Palestinian civil society, local DC initiatives like the NEAR ACT, and the Movement For Black Lives Policy Platform call to divest from deadly systems and invest in education, health, and safety of Black people. We also see this campaign as complementary to the defense and expansion of the definition of sanctuary, led by groups like Mijente and Enlace.

Locally, we are working with an incredible group of campaign partners, which are represented below. If you’re part of an organization or group, we invite you to endorse the campaign.